Magnetic Levitation Light



Excellent table lamp. For use in the bedroom or on a nightstand or desk.
A nice decorative lamp with very low energy consumption.
Powered by magnetic technology. All you have to do is push the ball and let the light go. A unique and refined design for an unparalleled interior ambiance.
Circular, easy to install and use.

It looks special and it works special.
The world’s unique table lamp with a flying switch in the air. Press the flying metal ball to turn on the lamp.

How to make It levitate ?

Operating levitating devices requires a lot of patience and practice at first. If this is your first time using magnetic levitation products, you may need to attempt a few times first before succeeding. However, once you succeed, it only gets easier!


Place the ball and base on a flat, nonmetallic surface. Connect the AC Adapter to the power, and the other DC plug to the base


With two hands, hold the ball above the center of the base and slowly put the ball down towards the base. When you feel resistance, adjust the ball until you feel a gentle release. Keep the ball stable for a few seconds.


Once you feel that the ball is almost balanced in mid-air (not falling down or being pushed up) slowly let go until the ball begins to rotate by itself. If you don’t succeed, try again. It may take a few tries at first! If still unsuccessful, turn off the base and let it cool before trying again.


When the ball successfully placed over the base, gently press the ball with your hand and loosen to turn the lamp on. Besides, the lamp has three light modes, you can adjust the color of the light by gently press and loosening the ball. When you want to turn the lamp off, gently press and loose the ball.


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